At TEO, we fuel the future. We came into the industry over 20 years ago and, through both strategic acquisitions  and continuous growth, have positioned ourselves as one of the world’s leading equipment and services’ providers in the oil and gas space. With unique capabilities across the entire value chain - from oil and gas equipment and refinery plant systems, to turbomachinery solutions and downstream processing - we are neither upstream nor downstream; we are fullstream.

Our quest for progress is relentless. We work on the things that matter, becoming trusted partners for our customers to solve today’s toughest energy challenges. Our extensive global network of manufacturing facilities, operational bases & services centres allow us to operate where it matters to you.

We push the boundaries of technology, investing in innovative oil and gas applications, while our broad industrial reach opens opportunities for advancement through synergies with other industrial sectors.

To maximize our capabilities, we nurture expertise. Combined, our teams have more than 20 years’ experience and we continue to invest in them, growing careers, skills and opportunities, and enhancing the communities in which we work, with the highest levels of integrity.
Business Competitiveness

The strategic competitive advantages of the TEO are its high quality people, cooperation with high caliber people in variety of fields, and cost benefits. Having associates in different fields all over the world saves substantial time, energy and money of the customers who seek an integral solution to their complex problems in a quicker and more economic manner. TEO’s agile and lean structure guarantees substantial savings in time and costs. These advantages are tacit knowledge of partners and the result of personal and business cooperation with people during many years, gaining them would be very difficult -if not impossible- by competitors and will be sustained over longer periods by keeping our customers satisfied and building new connections continuously.
In conclusion TEO competitive advantage could be itemized as followings:

The experience of its people
Having access to a vast pool of talents within its network, in different nationalities and different fields
Access to multiple markets
Flexibility of its culture, structure and people
Fast response
Low overhead